Working Lives and Trade Unions in West London 1945-1995

All in a Day's Work is a 250 page book featuring over one hundred extracts from oral history interviews carried out by the Britain at Work London group. It chronicles the working lives and trade union activities of people who worked in west London during the years 1945-1995. A unique snapshot of many types of work and workplaces in both the private sector and public services, covering an area stretching from Hayes in the west to Paddington and from Harrow in the north to the River Thames.

"All in a Day's Work will appeal to anyone with an interest in the often remarkable stories of the so-called ordinary people who were, and remain, the backbone of our country" 
Alan Lloyd, Morning Star

"a really great book- it is a truly impressive volume" 

Sheila Rowbotham

Oral history on west London labour and trade unions post war

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