Robin Dauncey
Robin Dauncey in his workshop
Robin Dauncey's shop in Norwich
Robin Dauncey's pottery

Having passed his 11 Plus exams, Robin attended a technical school in Romford and, thereafter, went on to gain an external learning degree in Civil Engineering from a college in Chelmsford.

Robin then worked as an Engineering Technician involved in the construction of new roads, including Birmingham’s Spaghetti Junction.

Whilst living in Birmingham, Robin learnt Pottery at Evening Class and, having moved to Norwich and taken up a position with the Road Construction Unit of Norfolk County Council, soon became dissatisfied with this type of work, deciding instead that he wanted to do something creative and personally fulfilling.

Robin was thus able to draw upon the skills he had gained at Evening Class and established himself as a self-employed potter in the mid-70s, working in various small studios in Norwich for the rest of his life; although, he also had a spell working backstage at the city’s Theatre Royal, a job he found highly enjoyable but very poorly paid.


Robin continued to work as a potter until very recently, when illness forced him to stop, and, sadly, he passed away six weeks after this interview was conducted.


(Interview by Dave Welsh in Norwich, 14th March2017)

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Robin Dauncey