Sally Groves was an assembly worker at the Trico windscreen wipers factory on the Great West Road in Brentford working there from 1975 until 1980.


She was active on the Trico picket line in the successful 1976 strike for equal pay for women. As the strike committee press and publicity officer, she played a key role in the dispute.


The strikers returned to work after 21 weeks when the company finally capitulated, but the rise wasn’t backdated to January 1 when equal pay became law.


Sally said at the time, “That’s because it’s a negotiated settlement. You could say we got it despite the Equal Pay Act.”


She had previously been a social worker. After the Trico strike she became an AUEW shop steward at Trico and, later, women’s delegate on Southall AUEW District Committee.


She took on a job as a trainee tool setter at Trico until she left in 1980. 


She worked at other factories in West London before returning to social work in 1989.

Sally Groves